The Bokeh-Vision team consists of three creative individuals with similar goals in life. We all live to create and spread joy through our passion for artistic multimedia!

Dick Brannin – I have had an infatuation with mixed media art and photography since I was a child. I used to stare at my great grandmothers pieces for hours studying them. I started painting when I was eleven. I also began taking photos around that age as well. After developing the film, I would refer to the photos while painting for inspiration. I went to community college and studied geology, photography, graphic design and horticulture. During my time in college I worked with photoshop and illustrator. I fell in love with adobe right away and I have been using them to create anything I want out of my photo collection ever since. I often have the most fun combining photos of textures with bokeh from using specific lenses or multiple photos of textures with added bokeh in photoshop. All photos used are taken with my own two hands. I have Asperger’s and would love to support anyone with Autism in any way I can. The rest of the team feels the same. One of our goals is to give back along the way! I would love to create some sort of scholarship fund where people can submit applications for consideration by the community(long term goal). A scholarship that would support the study of arts in some form or fashion. This project was started to share our work, give back, and have fun doing it! You can find me on twitter @bokeh_vision

MarkO Williams – My very good friend and favorite illustrative artist. He has been drawing since before I was born. His imagination is wild and his skills are out of this world. I am honored to work alongside him! He has many years of experience with graphic design. He also drew comics for quite some time with the Fort Worth Star Telegram. You can find him on twitter @w00k66

Tab Bab – The newest addition to our team! – Hi there! I’m a digital illustrator that has been drawing since I was little. I find most of my inspiration through the world of anthropomorphic animals and have been drawing them as my main focus for the last 6 years. I’ve been drawing semi-professionally for about 3 years now and loving every second of it.

Astrid – She is my best friend. A very talented web designer! She is in charge of the website setup and design. I am very grateful to have her on the team and honored to work alongside her as well!